Where to find FREE apps for you and your kids? Here’s where…

This post originally appeared on my personal blog, Rattle & Mum.

They say the best things in life are free, and fortunately, many apps for iOS and Android cost nothing, while others that usually cost a few dollars are often available for a limited amount of time.

So where do you find curated lists of free apps (aside from iTunes and Google Play) that are updated daily? Here’s my list of resources that can help you find free apps. Just remember that most featured free apps are for a limited time only (usually 24 hours), so it’s best to download while the offer is still going and avoid procrastinating. And the best thing is if you don’t like the app, you can delete it without having lost anything (aside from the internet costs).

1. Apps Gone Free

This is a great free app for finding other free apps, and it’s one I check daily for cool stuff for me and my child. Each day Apps Gone Free features around 10 high quality paid-for apps for free, plus there are no ads or paid-for listings.



2. Smartapps for Kids

I follow SmartappsforKids on Twitter and follow their many links for mostly superb free apps for children. You can also go to their site to see what’s free daily.



3. MyApp Alerts

This free app alerts you when new apps are released, based on your category selection. They feature paid-for apps too, but you can set it to only receive alerts for free apps. An app like this makes you realise how many hundreds of apps are being released daily – it’s staggering (yet wonderful).



4. AppSpy

You might need to do a little wading on this website to find what interests you, but there is a large and varied amount of free apps and it’s a useful reference.



5. AppShopper

This is a site that I’m now using quite a lot – I think there are great deals here, plus an easy way to search across different platforms and categories.


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