Logitech z50 Multimedia Speaker



What you need to know:

  • Multimedia speaker that can work with any PC, Smartphone, tablet, laptop or MP3 Player that has a 3.5mm jack
  • Comes in pink, grey or blue

What we think you should know:

Blasting music ridiculously loud is my thing. I’m always on the hunt for portable speakers that can blow the roof off a hotel room or headphones that can blow my eardrums (though I figure that damage has already been done). I was excited by the packaging of the z50 speaker. I like clean and elegant design in gadgets. Weird, I know. The z50 looks expensive even though it’s not. I received the grey unit to review and on taking it out the box thought how beautiful it looked.


That’s about where the nice stuff I have to say ends. Once the speaker came out of the box the cables followed. In a world of wireless it makes very little sense to me to plug something in, unless I’m charging it. The z50 doesn’t run on batteries and can’t be charged. Rather it runs on an AC power supply unit, so this means you need to plug it into the wall to use it. You also need to then plug another cable into your device to get the sound.


How often do you actually sit near a plug point? Can’t answer? You’ll be able to once you’ve spent a day with the z50 and the answer is not as often as you need to if you plan to spend more days with this speaker.

In its favour, it can be cranked up rather loud. While the sound quality isn’t exceptional and does distort slightly it definitely can hold its own when the volume goes up. Overall though? There are wireless portable speakers in the same price range with the same abilities. Unfortunately, they just don’t look as good.

So rad:

The design, it will look like it cost more than it did.

Makes us sad:

All the damn cables 

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