Crayola DigiTools for Tablets

I’m far from letting a child grow in my belly, but when I saw these awesome new creative tools from Crayola I was 100% committed to doing it if it meant I could run off and buy ALL. THE. THINGS.

Crayola have just introduced these rad DigiTools packs for kids. The pack has a few goodies inside that can be used in conjunction with an app for lots of creative fun. There are lots of different packs with different features but my favourite is without a doubt, the 3 D Effects pack. All the packs come with a free app that has stacks of animated stamp designs, digital effects and all that good stuff. The 3D Pack includes a Dual-tipped 3D stylus, digital stamper and 3D glasses. So you can use the stylus to show your inner creative or animation genius and then, bang on your glasses and appreciate the full effect.

Moms will love it because there isn’t the usual mess associated with kids and art supplies. If you’re anything like me you’ll love it because of the cool super villains you can create!

The Crayola DigiTools for tablets are available at The Gadget Shop online if the purchase it now bug has bitten.

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