Logitech m560 Wireless Mouse



What you need to know:

  • You’ll get a wireless mouse, Logitech Unifying receiver, 1 AA battery, the instructions and a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee in the box.
  • The mouse offers up Windows 8 shortcuts
  • Comes with a Logitech Unifying receiver

What we think you should know:

I have a huge pet peeve – laptop scroll pads. It’s an ongoing war between me and those ridiculous sensors and I’m losing badly. I’ve purchased numerous wireless mice in my day, granted mostly ridiculous colourful ones from China Mart. They never last, at some point or another they die and no amount of battery changing can get them to switch on again. The few good ones I’ve had have been sent to my “pile of tech goodies that I may be able to take apart and build a robot with one day” drawer. Why? Because USB sticks that link to the wireless mouse tend to disappear.

DSC_0016 (2)

I really dig the Logitech m560 Wireless Mouse. For starters the unifying receiver fits into a USB port on your laptop but is rather tiny, so you can leave it plugged in when you pack your laptop into your bag. I spent close on three weeks using the mouse and I’m proud to say I can still locate the unifying receiver (here’s a hint, it’s still plugged in to my laptop).


It’s difficult to ‘review’ a mouse. Can you click on things and scroll around the screen and you know… use it? The m560 does all of that but it is also a classy little bugger. It has a black matt finish that screams class and hyper fast scrolling which means you have two scrolling options, the usual one and then when you click the scroller down it then gears to another speed which gets you to the bottom of a document faster than I can get a Cadbury’s chocolate into my tummy. Impressive!

It has rubber grips and shapes nicely into your hands. Logitech also claims your 1 AA Battery will offer up 18 months of uninterrupted clicking and scrolling. While I couldn’t confirm this I do know my pet peeve is buying batteries – so good thing right?

My only moan? The matt black finish, while uber sexy and stylish, isn’t all that practical. The Logitech m560 Wireless Mouse picks up finger print marks and you’ll need to be wiping it down regularly to keep it clean. Check out the marks after I sat down to work after applying moisturiser. Bleak!


So rad:

  • hyper fast scrolling options
  • the teeny tiny unifying receiver

Makes us sad:

  • the matt black finish, pretty but not practical.


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