How it started

How it started: It’s hard to define a passion or an idea, but I’m going to try. My name is Sam and I’m the founder/editor of Tech Girl. The obvious answer to the question posed is “a tech site for women”. But you’ve seen that before and, to be completely honest, Tech Girl is so much more than that.

Tech Girl is about Gadgets, about Glamour, about the occasional Giggle… but most importantly Tech Girl is about YOU. It’s a space on the internet that speaks to women, to girls, to moms… I’ve free-lanced for a few tech publications and during my time writing, reviewing and speaking to other women I’ve realised that we consume technology differently. We have different demands to our male counterparts when it comes to apps or smartphones and most importantly, we don’t take ourselves nearly as seriously as “tech savvy men”. We caught on a while back that technology is meant to make life easier but also be fun.

I’ve tried to create an online space that caters to every woman. Whether you’re a clued up digital diva who can hold her own in a Dota tournament or someone who just wants to know whether she can type on a touchscreen with falsies, we’ve got you covered. I’ve brought together a mismatch of ladies (and one good looking man) to share their views and knowledge with you. I have no doubt you’ll likely find one, or two, or three, that you have something in common with and their voice will echo yours. The site is filled with reviews, how to’s and generally fun content that will not only educate but also empower and entertain.

This is your “tech” space and to paraphrase our favourite fashionista Tim Gunn: make it work… for you.

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