About Sam Wright

Tech Girl is a South African tech blog for women… but it’s a bit more than that. It has become a space for me to share my love for gadgets, gaming and all things geek with you. I’ve been allowed to simplify the tech specs and give you the information you really want. I like to share my own passions on the blog. I try find stories that incorporate technology in to lifestyle content – be it relationships or beauty and fashion.

As a casual gamer I try incorporate gaming content where I can and try get more girls behind the controller. I’m a South African e-sports fan girl so I’ve tried to shine a spotlight on the local scene as well. The blog is just the start, I’m also extremely active on Snapchat (my username is: iamsamw22) and have a YouTube Channel. 

Tech Girl is my passion project. I’ve hosted various radio shows, been on local television regularly and have had the wonderful opportunity to MC a host of events courtesy of this incredible little blog that could. I’ve recently branched in to Esports commentating as well as consulting on digital marketing and utilising online creators for brands and media agencies.

Tech Girl is about gadgets, giggles and a little bit of glamour. I also really try not to take myself too seriously. Feel free to chat to me on social media or email editor@techgirl.co.za. I’d love to hear from you!


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