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Star Wars, Saviours & Homework

Dear diary, Trump is still president and you'll never guess which movie got an Oscar nomination. With all the Trumpiness in the world, it's great to have a¬†saviour in meme form. Here's¬†important interweb news you need to know this week. Move over #SaltBae there's a new meme in town Positive Possum is here to get you through the darkest of days. [via Mashable] If you're OCD look away because this…


I want all the ouchies so I can use these Disney Star Wars Plasters

I'm growing up. I have a really fancy house, I've learnt how to wear make up and I even microbladed my eyebrows they other day (I know right!). But I'm still a giant kid at heart. When Elastoplast announced they were going to be launching Disney Star Wars Plasters and Frozen Plasters I may have squealed a little bit (or even a lot). How adorable? [caption id="attachment_14646" align="alignnone" width="1000"] I…

disney star wars plasters

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens is here – should you buy it for your kids?

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens is available for purchase today. I'm a huge LEGO fan and a bit of a Star Wars nerd so when the demo came out I was quick to download it. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I spent most of the December holidays building Star Wars LEGO items. Earlier this year I took the financial plunge and even purchased my brother…

lego star wars the force awakens

OHMIGOD its an HP Star Wars Laptop

Damage: Just under R13 000 What you need to know 15" display - HD 1920x1080p Intel HD 530 GPU Operates on Windows 10 6th Gen Core i5-6200U Processor running at 2.3GHz 6GB RAM 2 USB ports HDMI port What we think you should know: I'm a huge fan of Star Wars. It's a given. I've done enough Star Wars content on this blog for you to know that by now.…

HP Star Wars Laptop

The perfect Star Wars inspired meal

I hate cooking. It's boring and it takes too long. I have the attention span of a squirrel so swirling veggies in a pot is definitely not my idea of fun. I lose interest. I've become an expert at collecting takeaways. I was rather surprised when McCain approached me to try out their new Veggie Sides and blog about the experience. This isn't exactly a food blog and I'm by…

Star Wars inspired meal

Because…. Star Wars – why you should buy the BB-8

A few weeks ago I received an invite for the Star Wars merchandise unveiling in Johannesburg. Of course I RSVP'ed a resounding YES straight away. The event was scheduled for Friday morning. Round about midday Thursday I noted that a few of the rad Snapchatters I follow from overseas (shout out to ChrisCarm & Shonduras. I dig you guys almost as much as I dig SamSheffer - but he is…

star wars bb-8
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