Europtrip: Game of Thrones Edition


When I was in Taiwan I got addicted to Korean soap operas (Don’t judge. Go watch Boys before Flowers and then we’ll talk) and you can actually do a tour of where they filmed the series. I won’t lie this is one of the many reasons I want to go to South Korea. And if you really like a show, I know you’ll feel the same.

GoT fans
If you ACTUALLY got to live in the era of Game of Thrones you’d probably be dead by now.


Well now thanks to Travelstart South Africa, the cheap flights provider, you get the next best thing to actually being in Game of Thrones (we can’t all be Ed Sheeran), by travelling to the film locations!

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Destinations include Spain, Iceland and Ireland. Check out the infographic below to start planning your Game of Thrones adventure. And to ensure you get the most out of your trip, I’ve also included a handy guide of what to pack.


WTF to pack guide

While on your Game of Travel adventure, it is important to look the part. And by look the part I mean stock up on Game of Thrones merch. Here are 4 essential items you need.

1.T-shirts that pledge your allegiance to different houses


2.A warm hoodie, because you ain’t no White Walker & it gets cold where you’re going



game of travel hoodie
And while a T-shirt is an essential, it is probably going to be cold, so get this awesome hoodie to stay warm. R459, JuiceBubble


3.For when beer comes…


game of travel bottle opener
Beer is coming and when it does, you better be prepared with this House Stark bottle opener. Mantality, R335

4.Something to carry your stuff around in

game of travel bag
This messenger bag is perfect for carrying around you stuff while you check out the sites. That’s Geek, R1257

And now for some inspiration

Crank up the volume and listen as the Game of Thrones cast sings Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.


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